Patrick Blythe, Sculptor of Glass, Bronze, and Stone
Exile Bronze
“Exile” is a reflection of the times in our lives when we are estranged from friends and family, either by choice or by circumstance.

Nearly everyone has experienced a time when we distance ourselves, or we become estranged through no fault of our own, from someone we love. Those times are usually periods of reflection or meditation, a time when we feel vulnerable. Often exile is self-imposed, or the result of behavior outside social norms, serious illness, or a result of substance abuse.

Sometimes exile is imposed against our will, for transgressions committed, disagreements that balloon into hatred, or circumstances beyond our control. Human history is filled with stories of exile in every culture, religion, and political movement. Estrangement is a challenging but universal experience that often sends us searching for spiritual understanding, and can help crystallize our feelings about the world around us.

The face of “Exile” is gender neutral, providing an opportunity for the viewer to insert their personal story of estrangement into their interpretation of the work. The lines of “Exile” reflect the hard edge of loneliness and resolve, as well as the vulnerability exposed by our desire to be loved and accepted. I find a quiet strength in “Exile” and an enduring sense of the value of contemplation.